Eileen Wilks

Mind Magic, November 2015
Human Error, September 2015
Human Nature, August 2015
Unbinding, October 2014
Ritual Magic, September 2013
Mortal Ties, October 2012
Inhuman, September 2012
Originally Human, August 2012
Tied With a Bow, November 2011
Death Magic, November 2011
Blood Challenge, January 2011
Blood Magic, February 2010
Inked, January 2010
Mortal Sins, February 2009
Night Season, January 2008
On the Prowl, August 2007
Blood Lines, January 2007
Mortal Danger, November 2005
Tempting Danger, October 2004
Cravings, July 2004
Lover Beware, July 2003

Eileen Wilks

Eileen Wilks is the NYT best-selling author of over thirty books and novellas, including her World of the Lupi series. A multiple RITA finalist and recipient of a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, she’s currently hard at work on the tenth book in the series, RITUAL MAGIC.

Eileen came to writing the usual way: by reading compulsively and daydreaming a lot. She likes quilting, dark matter, chocolate, books on brain science, yoga (even though she's not good at it), and painting things—walls, boxes, furniture, floors, even canvases sometimes . . . but not the cats. The cats do not wish to be painted.