Sandra Worth

Pale Rose of England, February 2011
The King's Daughter, December 2008
Lady of the Roses, January 2008

Sandra Worth

Sandra Worth holds an honours B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Toronto. She is a frequent lecturer on the Wars of the Roses and has been published by The Ricardian Register, the quarterly publication of the U.S. Richard III Society and by Blanc Sanglier, the publication of the Yorkshire, England, branch of the Richard III Society.

Sandra's research for The Rose of York series has taken her to university libraries across the nation—from Stanford University and Berkeley on the west coast to Harvard University and Boston College on the east.

She has also visited universities in Canada, and is honored to have been granted privileges at the British Museum. There she perused books from Richard III's library, notably de Consolatione philosophiae by Boethius and Tristan, both of which Elizabeth of York clearly read as a young woman at a time of crisis in her life when she was neither princess nor queen, since they bear intriguing inscriptions and a notation by her.

Sandra has visited Ricardian sites in both England and Belgium numerous times over the ten year period while the novel was being written. A highlight of her Ricardian experience took place in October 2003 when she attended the re-enactment in Bruges of the 1468 wedding festivities of Margaret of York to Charles the Bold of Burgundy. She has met and interviewed several Ricardian scholars, including Peter Hammond and Bertram Fields, author of Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes.

Sandra is the winner of numerous writing awards and prizes, ten of them bestowed thus far for THE ROSE OF YORK SERIES.