Rebecca Hagan Lee

A Wanted Man, August 2013
Talk of the Ton, June 2009
Talk of the Ton, May 2005
Truly a Wife, April 2005
Hardly A Husband, October 2004
Merely A Groom, April 2004
Barely A Bride, August 2003
Always A Lady, October 2002
Ever A Princess, February 2002
Once A Mistress, September 2001

Rebecca Hagan Lee

Armed with a college degree and experience in radio, television, and film, Rebecca Hagan Lee set out to make her professional mark in the world of television. But she ended up in a small town where the news media consisted of a weekly newspaper and an AM radio station.

Undaunted, she resumed the writing career she’d begun at the age of nine, working in an assortment of interesting jobs from genealogical library assistant to pet groomer in order to support her writing habit.

After writing for seven years, she sold her first book to Berkley Jove in 1991.

In August 2002, she celebrated the tenth anniversary of the publication of her first romance novel. That novel, GOLDEN CHANCES, launched Berkley’s popular Homespun line and won a coveted Waldenbooks award in 1992.

Throughout her ten-year publishing career, Rebecca has written historical romances that have spanned the gap of years from 1716 to 1919 and have included long and short historicals, a novella, a continuity series, and revisions in every form. She’s become a nationally bestselling and award winning author of ten romance novels and one novella, all published by Berkley Jove.

ALWAYS A LADY, the third book in the Marquess of Templeston’s Heirs series, a historical set in 1838 Ireland, is an October 2002 release from Berkley Jove. The first book in the series, ONCE A MISTRESS, a 2002 Best Short Historical Rita finalist was released in September 2001 and the second book, EVER A PRINCESS, debuted in February 2002.

Her next series, The Free Fellows League, a group of schoolmates who vow to remain free from the leg-shackles of marriage, begins with BARELY A BRIDE. Book One of the series, a historical set in Regency England, is the story of war hero, Griffin Abernathy and Alyssa Carrollton, the unwanted bride who rearranges his life and wins his heart. BARELY A BRIDE will be in bookstores in September 2003.

Rebecca Hagan Lee lives in South Georgia, with her husband, two miniature schnauzers, one rat terrier, a cat, several fish, and two horses. When she’s not hard at work on her next romance novel, she can usually be found at the stable. A proud owner of Quarter horses, Rebecca is a devoted follower of the Pat Parelli Savvy System of Natural Horsemanship and loves playing with and riding her horses. You can contact her by writing her publisher or through her website.